State of Alaska Division of Legislative Audit

Behavioral Health Improving Service Recommendations Table

Recommendation NumberRecommendation
2.4.2The Department should build additional service capacity for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment, both to increase access to services and improve quality. Additional investment would lead to significant savings in medical, nursing home, and criminal justice costs, producing interventions that “pay for themselves” in cost offsets from other essential State services.
3.0.1The Department should develop a statewide strategy for sustained support of integrated care across mental health, substance abuse and primary care delivery systems.
3.0.2The Department should integrate Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams into the State’s delivery and payment systems.
5.5.2The Department should consider retaining an attorney to process commitments statewide, or at least for Anchorage-area hospitals, in exchange for an increase in inpatient psychiatric beds.
6.1.5The Department should continue to develop division-level workgroups within the Department’s Results-Based Accountability core services structure to address the needs of neglected subpopulations.
8.3.1The Department should develop automated reporting for both MMIS and AKAIMS behavioral health data.
10.2.1The Department should continue to encourage tribal providers to develop greater service capacity for meeting the needs of Alaska Natives with SMI.