SUMMARY OF:A Special Review of the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, Regulatory Commission of Alaska, FY 19 Annual Report

Purpose of the Report

In accordance with AS 24.20.271(11), the audit evaluates the accuracy of RCA’s FY 19 annual report concerning statutory timelines, timeline extensions, and performance measures. The audit does not evaluate the effectiveness of RCA’s decisions.

Report Conclusions

RCA publishes its utility and pipeline activities in one annual report, including information regarding compliance with its statutory timelines and other performance measures. Performance measures are established annually by the commission and included in the annual report. RCA’s FY 19 performance measures are noted below.

Target 1: Review all utility and pipeline filings within applicable timelines.
Target 2: Review all utility and pipeline dockets within applicable timelines.
Target 3: Complete disposition of all informal complaints within established timelines.
Target 4: Participate in outreach opportunities to consumers.

The audit concluded RCA’s annual report was materially accurate. Specifically, RCA accurately reported its compliance with statutory timelines covered in performance measures 1 and 2. Additionally, information supporting performance measure 3, covering timelines for informal complaints, and performance measure 4, covering outreach opportunities to consumers, was accurately reported.

Accuracy of information in RCA’s annual report depends on the reliability of the data maintained in RCA’s data management system. Auditors found that the data maintained in the system was reliable; however, auditors found instances where activity that occurred after FY 19 was incorrectly included in the FY 19 annual report. The inclusion of FY 20 activity did not impact conclusions regarding FY 19 compliance with statutory timelines.

Findings and Recommendations

  1. RCA’s chair should ensure staff are trained to accurately present regulatory data in the annual report.
  2. RCA’s chair should develop written procedures for preparing the annual report.