SUMMARY OF: A Performance Audit of the Department
of Commerce, Community,
and Economic Development,
Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA)
FY 17 Annual Report

Why DLA Performed This Audit

In accordance with AS 24.20.271(11), the audit evaluates the accuracy of RCA’s FY 17 annual report concerning statutory timelines, timeline extensions, and performance measures. This audit does not evaluate the effectiveness of RCA’s decisions.

Report Conclusions

RCA’s FY 17 annual report data for dockets, tariff filings, and statutory extensions was materially accurate. An analysis of case management system data and hard copy files concluded that the commission accurately reported its compliance with timeline requirements for utility, pipeline, and regulatory dockets; tariff filings; and statutory extensions. The audit confirmed the performance measures relating to docket and tariff filing timelines, informal complaints, and consumer outreach were materially accurate.

Findings and Recommendations

The audit makes no recommendations.