SUMMARY OF: A Special Report on the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Agriculture, November 29, 2002.

Purpose of the Report

In accordance with a Legislative Budget and Audit Committee special request and Title 24 of the Alaska Statutes, we have conducted an audit of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Division of Agriculture (DOAg). The purpose of this audit was:

  • To evaluate DOAg’s human resource management.
  • To evaluate the use of DOAg assets, including expenditures for operations and management of physical resources.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the working relationship among DOAg, the new Board of Agriculture and Conservation, and other entities involved in Alaska agriculture.

Report Conclusions

Since our last audit, the division has made very little progress in advancing agriculture. In fact, we found that the lack of innovative leadership is actually hindering the expansion of Alaska agriculture. We also found problems with the management of human resources and physical resources at the division.

Findings and Recommendations

  1. The legislature should statutorily restructure services to agriculture for a more aggressive pursuit of distinctive Alaskan opportunities.
  2. DNR should consult the attorney general concerning state oversight of Mat Maid.