Your career development is a priority. We give you the opportunity and support to grow your knowledge of accounting and auditing. As a new auditor, you will enter a nine-month training program designed to teach the basics of auditing. After learning the basics, you will enter a second nine-month training program to build accounting and auditing skills.

Professional development is a life-long process that spans your entire career. As such, all auditors are provided approximately 40 hours of continuing professional education each year in a variety of technical, managerial, and self-improvement topics.

We encourage our staff to complete the CPA exam as soon as possible after joining our office. Reimbursement for study materials, exam costs, and travel to/from the closest exam site is provided per the Division’s written policies.

Advancement is based on performance, which is monitored under an evaluation process that encourages active, two-way communication. Staff positions, in order of increasing responsibilities, are: Staff Auditor, Senior Auditor, In-Charge Auditor I, In-Charge Auditor II, and Audit Manager.

Image of Career Progress & Salary Scale | Legislative Auditor: $134,555 - $213,886 | Audit Manager: $ 132,746 - $199,576 |  In Charge Auditor II: $119,226 - $150,842 | In Charge Auditor I: $ 107,578 - $ 134,555 | Senior Auditor: $87,901 - $117,208 | 
Staff Auditor: $67,626 - $89,739 |