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All audits completed since 2003 are listed below. For audits prior to 2003, please contact us.

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YearTypeDepartmentAudit TitleFileFile Size Digesthf:doc_categorieshf:doc_tags
2024StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 239.29 MB02-40024-24singlestatewide
2024DCCEDBoard of Massage Therapists784 KB08-20134-24sunsetdcced
2024DOHAlaska Commission on Aging951 KB16-20135-24sunsetdoh
2024DCCEDMarijuana Control Board1.36 MB08-20137-24sunsetdcced
2024DFCSOffice of Children's Services Compliance with Foster Care Reform Laws, Part 2854 KB26-30096-24specialdfcs
2024DLWDTechnical Vocational Education Program1.26 MB07-30104-24specialdlwd
2023DCCEDBig Game Commercial Services Board1 MB08-20136-23sunsetdcced
2023LAWSpending on Contracts Related to Janus23 MB03-30101-23speciallaw
2023StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 2230.7 MB02-40023-23singlestatewide
2022OOGAlaska State Commission for Human Rights722 KB01-30100-22specialoog
2022DCCEDBoard of Certified Direct-Entry Midwives1.4 MB08-20133-22sunsetdcced
2022DCCEDState Medical Board1.2 MB08-20132-22sunsetdcced
2022StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 219.7 MB02-40022-22singlestatewide
2022DCCEDAlaska Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, Small Business Relief Program (Searchable Grant Listing)348 KB08-30103-22 – Searchable Grant Listing Spreadsheetspecialdcced
2022DCCEDAlaska Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, Small Business Relief Program124.6 MB08-30103-22specialdcced
2022DCCEDBoard of Pharmacy689 KB08-20126-22sunsetdcced
2021DCCEDRegulatory Commission of Alaska495 KB08-20131-21sunsetdcced
2021DPSCouncil on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault903 KB12-20130-21sunsetdps
2021DCCEDAlcoholic Beverage Control Board721 KB08-20127-21 (Special)specialdcced
2021DCCEDAlcoholic Beverage Control Board721 KB08-20127-21 (Sunset)sunsetdcced
2021DCCEDBoard of Chiropractic Examiners1.1 MB08-20128-21sunsetdcced
2021DCCEDBoard of Examiners in Optometry576 KB08-20129-21sunsetdcced
2021DORAlaska Mental Health Trust Authority, Status of Select Asset Management Issues1.5 MB04-30099-21specialdor
2021DCCED State Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Board 374 KB08-20125-21sunsetdcced
2021StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 2014.1 MB02-40021-21singlestatewide
2021DHSSOffice of Children's Services Compliance with Foster Care Reform Laws, Part 1646.8 KB06-30095-21specialdhss
2020StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 1917.5 MB02-40020-20singlestatewide
2020DNRCitizens' Advisory Commission on Federal Areas238.2 KB10-20121-20sunsetdnr
2020DCCEDBoard of Public Accountancy762.1 KB08-20122-20sunsetdcced
2020ACSBoard of Governors of the Alaska Bar Association941.7 KB41-20119-20sunsetacs
2020DCCEDRegulatory Commission of Alaska, FY 19 Annual Report442.5 KB08-30098-20specialdcced
2020OOGAlaska Criminal Justice Commission727.1 KB01-20124-20sunsetoog
2020DORMustang Operations Center 1 LLC Loan1.1 MB04-30093-20specialdor
2020CombinedDEED & DHSS - Special Education Service Agency679.8 KB05-20120-20sunsetcombined
2020DHSSMedicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program Eligibility1.1 MB06-30094-20specialdhss
2020DHSSMedicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program Transportation Costs1.1 MB06-30089-20specialdhss
2020DCCEDBoard of Certified Direct-Entry Midwives773.7 KB08-20123-20sunsetdcced
2019DCCEDBig Game Commercial Services Board1.3 MB08-20114-19sunsetdcced
2019DCCEDAlaska Gasline Development Corporation Select Financial Issues1.4 MB08-30088-19specialdcced
2019StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 1813.1 MB02-40019-19singlestatewide
2019DOCBoard of Parole720.2 KB20-20116-19sunsetdoc
2019DNRAlaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission669.2 KB10-20117-19sunsetdnr
2019DCCEDState Medical Board860.6 KB08-20118-19sunsetdcced
2019DFGBoard of Game Regulatory Process2.4 MB11-30085-19specialdfg
2018DCCEDAlaska Tourism Marketing Board343.3 KB08-20101-17sunsetdcced
2018DCCEDBoard of Social Work Examiners626.5 KB08-20108-17sunsetdcced
2018DCCEDAlcoholic Beverage Control Board1.0 MB08-20099-17sunsetdcced
2018DCCEDBoard of Pharmacy589.4 KB08-20104-17sunsetdcced
2018DORAlaska Mental Health Trust Authority Asset Management and Other Select Issues3.2 MB04-30090-18specialdor
2018StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 1710.6 MB02-40018-18singlestatewide
2018DCCEDRegulatory Commission of Alaska FY 17 Annual Report1.1 MB08-30091-18specialdcced
2018DCCEDBoard of Marine Pilots461.8 KB08-20112-18sunsetdcced
2018StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 15 (Reissue)13.1 MB02-40016-16singlestatewide
2018DCCEDBoard of Barbers and Hairdressers709.2 KB08-20110-18sunsetdcced
2018DCCEDBoard of Nursing668.9 KB08-20113-18sunsetdcced
2018DNRMatanuska Maid Select Property Disposal645.7 KB10-30092-18specialdnr
2018DHSSStatewide Suicide Prevention Council668.4 KB06-20115-18sunsetdhss
2018DCCEDBoard of Dental Examiners433.4 KB08-20111-18sunsetdcced
2017DPSDPS Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory, Select Issues5.7 MB12-30084-17specialdps
2017DHSSDHSS Alaska Health Care Commission1.1 MB06-20098-17sunsetdhss
2017StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 1610.4 MB02-40017-17singlestatewide
2017DCCEDBoard of Professional Counselors415.9 KB08-20102-17sunsetdcced
2017DCCEDBoard of Marital and Family Therapy457.6 KB08-20103-17sunsetdcced
2017DCCEDReal Estate Commission564.7 KB08-20105-17sunsetdcced
2017DCCEDBoard of Certified Real Estate Appraisers1.1 MB08-20106-17sunsetdcced
2017DCCEDBoard of Psychologist and Psychological Associate Examiners558.0 KB08-20107-17sunsetdcced
2017DCCEDMarijuana Control Board1.0 MB08-20100-17sunsetdcced
2017DCCEDBoard of Massage Therapists515.0 KB08-20109-17sunsetdcced
2016DORDCCED DOR Commercial Passenger Vessel Tax4.0 MB04-30083-16specialdor
2016DCCEDDCCED Board of Veterinary Examiners285.3 KB08-20094-16sunsetdcced
2016DCCEDDCCED, State Board of Certified Direct-Entry Midwives814.5 KB08-20095-16sunsetdcced
2016DCCEDDCCED State Board of Registration for Architects, Engineers, and Land Surveyors482.5 KB08-20096-16sunsetdcced
2016DCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska FY 15 Annual Report420.1 KB08-30087-16specialdcced
2016DOADOA State Travel Office1.1 MB02-30082-16specialdoa
2016UAUA Travel933.4 KB45-30086-16specialua
2016DCCEDDCCED Alaska Regional Development Organizations966.5 KB08-30073-16specialdcced
2015StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 148.2 MB02-40015-15singlestatewide
2015DOADOA Alaska Public Offices Commission5.6 MB02-30072-15specialdoa
2015DHSSDHSS Alaska Commission on Aging2.6 MB06-20090-15sunsetdhss
2015DOCDOC Board of Parole703.6 KB20-20092-15sunsetdoc
2015DCCEDDCCED Real Estate Commission734.7 KB08-20091-15sunsetdcced
2015DNRDNR Citizens' Advisory Commission on Federal Areas784.9 KB10-30079-15specialdnr
2015DOADOA Alaska Agricultural and Fisheries Products Preference ? Use by State Entities2.1 MB02-30080-15specialdoa
2015DFGDFG Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission9.1 MB11-30081-15specialdfg
2015DHSSDHSS Division of Alaska Pioneer Homes274.7 KB06-30077-15specialdhss
2015DCCEDDCCED Big Game Commercial Services Board443.6 KB08-20093-15sunsetdcced
2014StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY138.2 MB02-40014-14singlestatewide
2014DCCEDDCCED Board of Certified Direct-Entry Midwives680.8 KB08-20089-14sunsetdcced
2014DORDOR Oil and Gas Tax Audit Process1.4 MB04-30074-14specialdor
2014DORDOR Alaska Film Production Incentive Program928.3 KB04-30076-14specialdor
2014DCCEDDCCED Alcoholic Beverage Control Board3.7 MB08-20088-14sunsetdcced
2014DCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska, FY 13 Annual Report2.7 MB08-30075-14specialdcced
2013DOADOA Office Public Advocacy Select Procurement Issues1.9 MB02-30069-13specialdoa
2013DCCEDDCCED Board of Marine Pilots644.4 KB08-20076-13sunsetdcced
2013DOTDOT Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority- Knik Arm Crossing Project6.9 MB25-30068-13specialdot
2013StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY124.7 MB02-40013-13singlestatewide
2013DPSDPS Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault792.7 KB12-20085-13sunsetdps
2013DCCEDDCCED Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers976.0 KB08-20084-13sunsetdcced
2013DCCEDDCCED State Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Board458.0 KB08-20083-13sunsetdcced
2013DCCEDDCCED Board of Marital and Family Therapy851.8 KB08-20082-13sunsetdcced
2013DCCEDDCCED Board of Examiners in Optometry648.7 KB08-20081-13sunsetdcced
2013DCCEDDCCED Board of Chiropractic Examiners843.9 KB08-20080-13sunsetdcced
2013DCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska1.2 MB08-20079-13sunsetdcced
2013DHSSDHSS Alaska Health Care Commission2.0 MB06-20086-13sunsetdhss
2013DNRDNR Agriculture Revolving Loan Fund, Selected Issues2.4 MB10-30071-13specialdnr
2013DNRDNR Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission1.6 MB10-20087-13sunsetdnr
2013DOADOA Alaska Land Mobile Radio Communications System1.3 MB02-30070-13specialdoa
2012StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY114.1 MB02-40012-12singlestatewide
2012CombinedDOR-UA-DCCED Virus Free Seed Potato Project577.4 KB10-30064-12specialcombined
2012CombinedDCCED-DOR Alaska Film Production Tax Incentive Program Financial Compliance542.7 KB08-30065-12specialcombined
2012DCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska FY11 Annual Report453.9 KB08-30067-12specialdcced
2012DHSSDHSS Statewide Suicide Prevention Council1.5 MB06-20074-12sunsetdhss
2012ACSACS Board Governors of the Alaska Bar Association807.8 KB41-20075-12sunsetacs
2012CombinedDEED and DHSS Special Education Service Agency1.4 MB05-20073-12sunsetcombined
2012CombinedDCCED-DOR Alaska Film Production Tax Incentive Program Select Performance Issues2.0 MB08-30066-12specialcombined
2012DCCEDDCCED State Medical Board864.9 KB08-20078-12sunsetdcced
2012DCCEDDCCED Board of Public Accountancy595.1 KB08-20077-12sunsetdcced
2011DNRDNR Alaska Coastal Management Program Part 21.4 MB08-30060B-11specialdnr
2011StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY105.2 MB02-40011-11singlestatewide
2011DOADOA Enterprise Technology Services Division Telecommunication Procurement and Pursuit of New Technologies511.0 KB02-30058-11specialdoa
2011DORDOR Seafood Industry Tax and Assessment Revenues412.4 KB04-30061-11specialdor
2011LAALAA Office of the Ombudsman Management Review1.9 MB08-30062-11speciallaa
2011DCCEDDCCED Division of Corporations-Business-Professional Licensing Select Occupational Licensing and Enforcement Issues767.9 KB08-30063-11specialdcced
2011DCCEDDCCED Division of Corporations-Business-Professional Licensing State Medical Board669.7 KB08-30059-11specialdcced
2011DNRDNR Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission562.1 KB10-20072-11sunsetdnr
2011DCCEDDCCED Big Game Commercial Services Board1.2 MB08-20071-11sunsetdcced
2011OOGOOG Alaska State Commission for Human Rights Selected Operational Issues2.8 MB01-30056-11specialoog
2011DNRDNR Alaska Coastal Management Program Part 11.3 MB08-30060A-11specialdnr
2011StatewideSingle Audit Internal Control Project for ARRA of 2009209.6 KB02-40011-11statewide
2011DCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska Sunset Review668.8 KB08-20067-11sunsetdcced
2010StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY095.0 MB02-40010-10singlestatewide
2010DOCDOC Selected Health and Safety Issues Part 22.2 MB20-30053B-10specialdoc
2010DOTDOT Alaska Marine Highway System Vessel Overhaul and Refurbishment Procurement758.7 KB25-30055-10specialdot
2010DCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska FY09 Annual Report761.5 KB08-30057-10specialdcced
2010DCCEDDCCED Board of Dental Examiners479.0 KB08-20069-10sunsetdcced
2010DCCEDDCCED Board of Barbers and Hairdressers741.6 KB08-20068-10sunsetdcced
2010DCCEDDCCED Board of Nursing776.4 KB08-20070-10sunsetdcced
2010DORDOR Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority Selected Operational Issues2.9 MB04-30054-10specialdor
2010DOTDOT Gravina Island Access Project1.7 MB25-30050-10specialdot
2010DCCEDDCCED Board of Pharmacy638.1 KB08-20065-10sunsetdcced
2010DCCEDDCCED Board of Physchologist and Psychological Associate Examiners519.1 KB08-20066-10sunsetdcced
2010DCCEDDCCED Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers607.4 KB08-20064-10sunsetdcced
2010StatewideSingle Audit US Office of Management and Budget Pilot Project 200962.5 KB02-40010-10statewide
2009StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY083.2 MB02-40009-09singlestatewide
2009DOADOA/DOT Selected Information System Security Controls71.6 KB02-30046B-09specialdoa
2009UAUA Unit Cost Analysis and Other Selected Issues Part 32.0 MB45-30033C-09specialua
2009DPSDPS Alcoholic Beverage Control Board1.1 MB12-20063-09sunsetdps
2009DOCDOC Selected Health and Safety Issues Part 1677.2 KB20-30053A-09specialdoc
2009DOTDOT Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Capital Projects Review2.0 MB25-30052-09specialdot
2009DCCEDDCCED Board of Marital and Family Therapy700.3 KB08-20060-09sunsetdcced
2009DCCEDDCCED Board of Professional Counselors553.8 KB08-20061-09sunsetdcced
2009DCCEDDCCED Board of Social Work Examiners386.2 KB08-20062-09sunsetdcced
2009DOADOA Follow-up of Information System Controls over Alaska Data Enterprise Reporting (ALDER)70.1 KB02-10006-09itdoa
2009DCCEDDCCED Board of Public Accountancy900.1 KB08-20056-09sunsetdcced
2008StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY074.4 MB02-40008-08singlestatewide
2008DNRDNR Division of Agriculture Agricultural Revolving Loan Fund Matanuska Maid Part 11.4 MB10-30049A-08specialdnr
2008DECDEC Division of Spill Prevention and Response Oil and Hazardous Substance Release Prevention and Response Fund3.8 MB18-30047-08specialdec
2008DHSSDHSS Division of Public Health Training-Policies-Practices Related to Reporting Suspected Statuatory Rape492.1 KB06-30044-08specialdhss
2008DCCEDDCCED Alaska Energy Authority Rural Power System Upgrade Program Procurement Issues1.9 MB08-30048-08specialdcced
2008DNRDNR Division of Agriculture Agricultural Revolving Loan Fund Matanuska Maid Part 22.1 MB10-30049B-08specialdnr
2008DCCEDDCCED State Board of Registration for Architects, Engineers and Land Surveyors1.2 MB08-20058-08sunsetdcced
2008DCCEDDCCED Board of Veterinary Examiners859.0 KB08-20059-08sunsetdcced
2008ACSACS Board of Governors of the Alaska Bar Association2.0 MB41-20057-08sunsetacs
2008DHSSDHSS Statewide Suicide Prevention Council1.3 MB06-20055-08sunsetdhss
2008DECDEC Division of Water Village Safe Water Program465.7 KB18-30042-08specialdec
2008DOADOA Governance Framework for Selected Information System Security Controls70.5 KB02-30046A-08specialdoa
2007CombinedCombined Use of Recidivism Rates by State Agencies Overview of Current Practices1.2 MB06-30035A-07specialcombined
2007CombinedCombined Use of Recidivism Rates by State Agencies Recidivism Rates for the Alcohol Safety Action Program1.4 MB06-30035B-07specialcombined
2007CombinedCombined Use of Recidivism Rates by State Agencies Recidivism Rates for Alaska Sex Offenders1.3 MB06-30035C-07specialcombined
2007DCCEDDCCED Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation353.4 KB08-30039-07specialdcced
2007StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY0614.3 MB02-40007-07singlestatewide
2007DOCDOC Community Jails Program310.5 KB20-30040-07specialdoc
2007DHSSDHSS Alaska Commission on Aging499.8 KB08-20054-07sunsetdhss
2007DCCEDDCCED Real Estate Commission623.3 KB08-20051-07sunsetdcced
2007DOCDOC Board of Parole710.6 KB20-20053-07sunsetdoc
2007DCCEDDCCED Big Game Commercial Services Board435.8 KB08-20052-07sunsetdcced
2007UAUA Fairbanks School of Education Selected issues478.6 KB45-30045-07specialua
2007DEEDDEED Special Education Service Agency774.4 KB05-30038-07specialdeed
2006UAUA Unit Cost Analysis and Other Selected Issues Part 21.2 MB45-30033B-06specialua
2006DOADOA State Travel Procurement Process2.1 MB02-30030-06specialdoa
2006CombinedDOR-DOA Pubic Employees' Retirement System-Teachers' Retirement System-Alaska State Pension Investment Board6.0 MB02-30037-06specialcombined
2006DORDOR Residency Requirements of State Benefit Programs- Various Departments1.1 MB04-30032-06specialdor
2006DOTDOT Benchmarking460.8 KB25-30027-06specialdot
2006ACSACS Board of Governors of the Alaska Bar Association1.1 MB41-20050-06sunsetacs
2006DCCEDDCCED Board of Certified Direct-Entry Midwives401.6 KB08-20044-06sunsetdcced
2006StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY052.0 MB02-40006-06singlestatewide
2006CombinedDMVA-DOA Alaska Land Mobile Radio project977.5 KB09-30021-06specialcombined
2006DPSDPS Alcoholic Beverage Control Board1.3 MB12-20047-06sunsetdps
2006DHSSDHSS Kenai Peninsula Community Care Center Selected Operational Issues543.4 KB06-30036-06specialdhss
2006DOADOA Professional Services Procurement Process443.0 KB02-30043-06specialdoa
2006DCCEDDCCED DCBPL Board of Marine Pilots456.5 KB08-20045-06sunsetdcced
2006DCCEDDCCED State Medical Board389.5 KB08-20046-06sunsetdcced
2006DCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska403.7 KB08-20048-06sunsetdcced
2006DPSDPS Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault223.4 KB12-20039-06sunsetdps
2006ACSACS Board of Governors of the Alaska Bar Association356.1 KB41-20040-06sunsetacs
2005DNRDNR Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission424.3 KB10-20038-05sunsetdnr
2005DOTDOT Force Account Projects182.6 KB25-30029-05specialdot
2005StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY041.1 MB02-40005-05singlestatewide
2005DHSSDHSS Selected Management Issues1.7 MB06-30020-05specialdhss
2005DOTDOT Alaska Marine Highway System Vessel Maintenance and Repair Procurement254.3 KB25-30034-05specialdot
2005UAUA Unit Cost Analysis and Other Selected Issues Part 11.4 MB45-30033A-05specialua
2005DCCEDDCCED State Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Board329.8 KB08-20043-05sunsetdcced
2005DCCEDDCCED Board of Chiropractic Examiners1.0 MB08-20041-05sunsetdcced
2005DCCEDDCCED Board of Examiners in Optometry367.9 KB08-20042-05sunsetdcced
2005DCCEDDCCED Board of Registration for Architects, Engineers, and Land Surveyors454.8 KB08-20028-05sunsetdcced
2005DCCEDDCCED Board of Barbers and Hairdressers336.0 KB08-20029-05sunsetdcced
2005DCCEDDCCED Board of Veterinary Examiners261.2 KB08-20036-05sunsetdcced
2005DCCEDDCCED Board of Public Accountancy293.3 KB08-20027-05sunsetdcced
2005DOTDOT Employment Opportunities for Women Engineers355.9 KB25-30011-05specialdot
2005DCCEDDCCED Board of Social Work Examiners180.0 KB08-20030-05sunsetdcced
2005DCCEDDCCED Board of Psychologist and Psychologist Associate Examiners295.3 KB08-20035-05sunsetdcced
2005DCCEDDCCED Board of Marital and Family Therapy479.1 KB08-20032-05sunsetdcced
2005DHSSDHSS Statewide Suicide Prevention Council248.2 KB06-20037-05sunsetdhss
2005DCCEDDCCED Alaska Sunset Process and Selected Investigative Issues362.8 KB08-30031-05specialdcced
2005DCCEDDCCED Board of Professional Counselors305.6 KB08-20034-05sunsetdcced
2004DEEDDEED Special Education Service Agency244.9 KB05-20026-04sunsetdeed
2004DECDEC Village Safe Water Program Selected Projects259.9 KB18-30028-04specialdec
2004StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY031.4 MB04-40004-04singlestatewide
2004DCCEDDCCED Board of Dental Examiners307.5 KB08-20031-04sunsetdcced
2004DCCEDDCCED Board of Pharmacy294.8 KB08-20033-04sunsetdcced
2003DHSSDHSS Division of Medical Assistance Internal Control Over Medicaid Payments1.1 MB06-30018-03specialdhss
2003DHSSDHSS Division of Family and Youth Services Travel Issues351.8 KB06-30019-03specialdhss
2003DCCEDDCCED Division of Investments Commercial Fishing Revolving Loan Fund527.9 KB08-30022-03specialdcced
2003StatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY022.1 MB02-40003-03singlestatewide
2003DCCEDDCCED Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers477.5 KB08-20024-03sunsetdcced
2003DCCEDDCCED Board of Dispensing Opticians971.1 KB08-20022-03sunsetdcced
2003DHSSDHSS Alaska Commission on Aging196.3 KB06-20025-03sunsetdhss
2003DCCEDDCCED Division of Occupational Licensing Guides and Transporters407.4 KB08-30025-03specialdcced
2003DCCEDDCCED DOL Real Estate Commission206.0 KB08-20023-03sunsetdcced
2003CombinedDOC-DOA Correctional and Probation Officer Transfer Analysis211.3 KB20-30024-03specialcombined
2003DHSSDHSS Division of Behavioral Health Select Issues292.5 KB06-30023-03specialdhss
2003DCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska361.1 KB08-20021-03sunsetdcced
2003CombinedDOA-UA 1996 Retirement Incentive Program608.4 KB02-30001-03specialcombined
2003DORDOR Alcoholic Beverage Control Board511.7 KB04-20019-03sunsetdor
2003DNRDNR Division of Agriculture Selected Issues634.2 KB10-30017-03specialdnr