SUMMARY OF: A Special Report on the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development (DCCED), Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA or commission), FY 11 Annual Report,
May 23, 2012

Purpose of the Report

In accordance with AS 24.20.271(10), we audited the information in the RCA’s FY 11 annual report. The audit specifically addressed the accuracy of statutory timeline, timeline extension, and performance measure data. This report does not conclude on the effectiveness of RCA’s decisions or its measures.

Report Conclusions

The commission accurately reported on regulatory docket timelines and statutory timeline extensions. However, the data on tariff filings, utility and pipeline dockets, and performance measures is unreliable or not reported accurately.

Findings and Recommendations

Recommendation No. 1

RCA’s chair should implement and enforce written procedures to ensure that case management system data is accurate, consistent, and complete.

The commission continues to have unreliable data in the annual report. The reliability issues have resulted from inaccurate and incomplete case management system data. Data errors can be attributed to a lack of: written guidance, adequate training, and ongoing quality reviews necessary to ensure case management system data is entered and maintained accurately, consistently, and completely.