SUMMARY OF: A Performance Audit of the Department of Natural Resources, Citizens’ Advisory Commission on Federal Areas

Why DLA Performed This Audit

The purpose of this audit was to determine if the commission has ably met its statutory mandate as established in AS 41.37.

Report Conclusions

Overall, the audit concluded that the Citizens’ Advisory Commission on Federal Areas (commission) had met its statutory mandates and objectives by monitoring management plans for federal lands within Alaska and providing comments to decision makers concerning federal land management plans.

The commission has operated in the public’s interest by reviewing federal land management plans for consistency with current laws and holding hearings on the effect of federal regulations and decisions within the State of Alaska. Furthermore, on behalf of Alaska citizens, the commission provides written comments to federal organizations concerning federal land management plans within the state. The commission submitted 62 comment letters during the audit period. Comment letters were directed to federal agencies, congressional delegations, state legislators, and the governor.


Findings and Recommendations

  1. The commission’s executive director should strengthen procedures to ensure public notice requirements are met.
  2. The commission’s executive director should implement procedures to ensure commission meeting minutes are recorded and transmitted.