SUMMARY OF: A Sunset Review of the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, Board of Veterinary Examiners.

Purpose of the Report

In accordance with Title 24 and Title 44 of the Alaska Statutes, sunset legislation, we have reviewed the activities of the Board of Veterinary Examiners to determine if there is a demonstrated public need for the its continued existence and if it has been operating in an efficient and effective manner. As required by AS 44.66.050(a), this report shall be considered by the committee of reference during the legislative oversight process in determining whether the board should continue to exist.

Report Conclusions

Under AS 08.03.010(c)(21), the Board of Veterinary Examiners (BVE or board) will terminate on June 30, 2009. If the legislature does not take action to extend the board’s termination date, AS 08.03.020 provides that the board will have one year in which to conclude its administrative operations.

The regulation and licensing of veterinarians and veterinary technicians benefits the public. BVE has demonstrated an ability to conduct its affairs in an efficient manner. The board continues to propose changes to regulations to improve the effectiveness of the board and ensure that veterinarians and veterinarian technicians licensed in the State of Alaska are competent and capable of maintaining the integrity of the profession.

In our opinion, the termination date of Board of the Veterinary Examiners should be extended to June 30, 2017.

Findings and Recommendations

Recommendation No. 1

  1. The Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development, Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing, in conjunction with the Board of Veterinary Examiners, should review licensing fees as provided by statute and consider decreasing fees.
  2. The Office of the Governor should fill vacant seats on the Board of Veterinary Examiners in a timely manner.