State of Alaska Division of Legislative Audit

Special Audits

Special Audits
All special audits are conducted at the request of the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee and performed in accordance with the government audit standards issued by the US Government Accountability Office. Any member of the Legislature may request a special audit through the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee. A special audit can cover various operational or compliance topics. For example, an audit can review one part of an agency’s operations, an entire agency’s operations, or financial transactions for a period of time shorter or longer than a fiscal year.

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2021SpecialDHSSOffice of Children's Services Compliance with Foster Care Reform Laws, Part 1646.8 KBpdf06-30095-21
2020SpecialDHSSMedicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program Transportation Costs1.1 MBpdf06-30089-20
2020SpecialDHSSMedicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program Eligibility1.1 MBpdf06-30094-20
2020SpecialDORMustang Operations Center 1 LLC Loan1.1 MBpdf04-30093-20
2020SpecialDCCEDRegulatory Commission of Alaska, FY 19 Annual Report442.5 KBpdf08-30098-20
2019SpecialDFGBoard of Game Regulatory Process2.4 MBpdf11-30085-19
2019SpecialDCCEDAlaska Gasline Development Corporation Select Financial Issues1.4 MBpdf08-30088-19
2018SpecialDNRMatanuska Maid Select Property Disposal645.7 KBpdf10-30092-18
2018SpecialDCCEDRegulatory Commission of Alaska FY 17 Annual Report1.1 MBpdf08-30091-18
2018SpecialDORAlaska Mental Health Trust Authority Asset Management and Other Select Issues3.2 MBpdf04-30090-18
2017SpecialDPSDPS Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory, Select Issues5.7 MBpdf12-30084-17
2016SpecialDCCEDDCCED Alaska Regional Development Organizations966.5 KBpdf08-30073-16
2016SpecialUAUA Travel933.4 KBpdf45-30086-16
2016Special DOADOA State Travel Office1.1 MBpdf02-30082-16
2016SpecialDCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska FY 15 Annual Report420.1 KBpdf08-30087-16
2016SpecialDORDCCED DOR Commercial Passenger Vessel Tax4.0 MBpdf04-30083-16
2015SpecialDHSSDHSS Division of Alaska Pioneer Homes274.7 KBpdf06-30077-15
2015SpecialDFGDFG Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission9.1 MBpdf11-30081-15
2015SpecialDOADOA Alaska Agricultural and Fisheries Products Preference – Use by State Entities2.1 MBpdf02-30080-15
2015SpecialDNRDNR Citizens’ Advisory Commission on Federal Areas784.9 KBpdf10-30079-15
2015SpecialDOADOA Alaska Public Offices Commission5.6 MBpdf02-30072-15
2014SpecialDCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska, FY 13 Annual Report2.7 MBpdf08-30075-14
2014SpecialDORDOR Alaska Film Production Incentive Program928.3 KBpdf04-30076-14
2014SpecialDORDOR Oil and Gas Tax Audit Process1.4 MBpdf04-30074-14
2013SpecialDOADOA Alaska Land Mobile Radio Communications System1.3 MBpdf02-30070-13
2013SpecialDNRDNR Agriculture Revolving Loan Fund, Selected Issues2.4 MBpdf10-30071-13
2013SpecialDOTDOT Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority- Knik Arm Crossing Project6.9 MBpdf25-30068-13
2013Special DOADOA Office Public Advocacy Select Procurement Issues1.9 MBpdf02-30069-13
2012SpecialCombinedDCCED-DOR Alaska Film Production Tax Incentive Program Select Performance Issues2.0 MBpdf08-30066-12
2012SpecialDCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska FY11 Annual Report453.9 KBpdf08-30067-12
2012SpecialCombinedDCCED-DOR Alaska Film Production Tax Incentive Program Financial Compliance542.7 KBpdf08-30065-12
2012SpecialCombinedDOR-UA-DCCED Virus Free Seed Potato Project577.4 KBpdf10-30064-12
2011SpecialDNRDNR Alaska Coastal Management Program Part 11.3 MBpdf08-30060A-11
2011SpecialOOGOOG Alaska State Commission for Human Rights Selected Operational Issues2.8 MBpdf01-30056-11
2011SpecialDCCEDDCCED Division of Corporations-Business-Professional Licensing State Medical Board669.7 KBpdf08-30059-11
2011SpecialDCCEDDCCED Division of Corporations-Business-Professional Licensing Select Occupational Licensing and Enforcement Issues767.9 KBpdf08-30063-11
2011SpecialLAALAA Office of the Ombudsman Management Review1.9 MBpdf08-30062-11
2011SpecialDORDOR Seafood Industry Tax and Assessment Revenues412.4 KBpdf04-30061-11
2011SpecialDOADOA Enterprise Technology Services Division Telecommunication Procurement and Pursuit of New Technologies511.0 KBpdf02-30058-11
2011SpecialDNRDNR Alaska Coastal Management Program Part 21.4 MBpdf08-30060B-11
2010SpecialDOTDOT Gravina Island Access Project1.7 MBpdf25-30050-10
2010SpecialDORDOR Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority Selected Operational Issues2.9 MBpdf04-30054-10
2010SpecialDCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska FY09 Annual Report761.5 KBpdf08-30057-10
2010SpecialDOTDOT Alaska Marine Highway System Vessel Overhaul and Refurbishment Procurement758.7 KBpdf25-30055-10
2010SpecialDOCDOC Selected Health and Safety Issues Part 22.2 MBpdf20-30053B-10
2009SpecialDOTDOT Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Capital Projects Review2.0 MBpdf25-30052-09
2009SpecialDOCDOC Selected Health and Safety Issues Part 1677.2 KBpdf20-30053A-09
2009SpecialUAUA Unit Cost Analysis and Other Selected Issues Part 32.0 MBpdf45-30033C-09
2009SpecialDOADOA/DOT Selected Information System Security Controls71.6 KBpdf02-30046B-09
2008SpecialDOADOA Governance Framework for Selected Information System Security Controls70.5 KBpdf02-30046A-08
2008SpecialDECDEC Division of Water Village Safe Water Program465.7 KBpdf18-30042-08
2008SpecialDNRDNR Division of Agriculture Agricultural Revolving Loan Fund Matanuska Maid Part 22.1 MBpdf10-30049B-08
2008SpecialDCCEDDCCED Alaska Energy Authority Rural Power System Upgrade Program Procurement Issues1.9 MBpdf08-30048-08
2008SpecialDHSSDHSS Division of Public Health Training-Policies-Practices Related to Reporting Suspected Statuatory Rape492.1 KBpdf06-30044-08
2008SpecialDECDEC Division of Spill Prevention and Response Oil and Hazardous Substance Release Prevention and Response Fund3.8 MBpdf18-30047-08
2008SpecialDNRDNR Division of Agriculture Agricultural Revolving Loan Fund Matanuska Maid Part 11.4 MBpdf10-30049A-08
2007SpecialDEEDDEED Special Education Service Agency774.4 KBpdf05-30038-07
2007SpecialUAUA Fairbanks School of Education Selected issues478.6 KBpdf45-30045-07
2007SpecialDOCDOC Community Jails Program310.5 KBpdf20-30040-07
2007SpecialDCCEDDCCED Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation353.4 KBpdf08-30039-07
2007SpecialCombinedCombined Use of Recidivism Rates by State Agencies Recidivism Rates for Alaska Sex Offenders1.3 MBpdf06-30035C-07
2007SpecialCombinedCombined Use of Recidivism Rates by State Agencies Recidivism Rates for the Alcohol Safety Action Program1.4 MBpdf06-30035B-07
2007SpecialCombinedCombined Use of Recidivism Rates by State Agencies Overview of Current Practices1.2 MBpdf06-30035A-07
2006SpecialDOADOA Professional Services Procurement Process443.0 KBpdf02-30043-06
2006SpecialDHSSDHSS Kenai Peninsula Community Care Center Selected Operational Issues543.4 KBpdf06-30036-06
2006SpecialCombinedDMVA-DOA Alaska Land Mobile Radio project977.5 KBpdf09-30021-06
2006SpecialDOTDOT Benchmarking460.8 KBpdf25-30027-06
2006SpecialDORDOR Residency Requirements of State Benefit Programs- Various Departments1.1 MBpdf04-30032-06
2006SpecialCombinedDOR-DOA Pubic Employees' Retirement System-Teachers' Retirement System-Alaska State Pension Investment Board6.0 MBpdf02-30037-06
2006SpecialDOADOA State Travel Procurement Process2.1 MBpdf02-30030-06
2006SpecialUAUA Unit Cost Analysis and Other Selected Issues Part 21.2 MBpdf45-30033B-06
2005SpecialDCCEDDCCED Alaska Sunset Process and Selected Investigative Issues362.8 KBpdf08-30031-05
2005SpecialDOTDOT Employment Opportunities for Women Engineers355.9 KBpdf25-30011-05
2005SpecialUAUA Unit Cost Analysis and Other Selected Issues Part 11.4 MBpdf45-30033A-05
2005SpecialDOTDOT Alaska Marine Highway System Vessel Maintenance and Repair Procurement254.3 KBpdf25-30034-05
2005SpecialDHSSDHSS Selected Management Issues1.7 MBpdf06-30020-05
2005SpecialDOTDOT Force Account Projects182.6 KBpdf25-30029-05
2004SpecialDECDEC Village Safe Water Program Selected Projects259.9 KBpdf18-30028-04
2003SpecialDNRDNR Division of Agriculture Selected Issues634.2 KBpdf10-30017-03
2003SpecialCombinedDOA-UA 1996 Retirement Incentive Program608.4 KBpdf02-30001-03
2003SpecialDHSSDHSS Division of Behavioral Health Select Issues292.5 KBpdf06-30023-03
2003SpecialCombinedDOC-DOA Correctional and Probation Officer Transfer Analysis211.3 KBpdf20-30024-03
2003SpecialDCCEDDCCED Division of Occupational Licensing Guides and Transporters407.4 KBpdf08-30025-03
2003SpecialDCCEDDCCED Division of Investments Commercial Fishing Revolving Loan Fund527.9 KBpdf08-30022-03
2003SpecialDHSSDHSS Division of Family and Youth Services Travel Issues351.8 KBpdf06-30019-03
2003SpecialDHSSDHSS Division of Medical Assistance Internal Control Over Medicaid Payments1.1 MBpdf06-30018-03