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Sunset Audits

The Division of Legislative Audit is required to conduct audits of boards, commissions, and agency programs subject to termination under AS 44.66. The audit report, along with other reports and testimony, is considered by the Legislature when determining if there is a continuing public need for a board, commission, or program. The audits are conducted in accordance with government audit standards issued by the US Government Accountability Office.

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2019SunsetDCCEDState Medical Board860.6 KBpdf08-20118-19
2019SunsetDNRAlaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission669.2 KBpdf10-20117-19
2019SunsetDOCBoard of Parole720.2 KBpdf20-20116-19
2019SunsetDCCEDBig Game Commercial Services Board1.3 MBpdf08-20114-19
2018SunsetDCCEDBoard of Dental Examiners433.4 KBpdf08-20111-18
2018SunsetDHSSStatewide Suicide Prevention Council668.4 KBpdf06-20115-18
2018SunsetDCCEDBoard of Nursing668.9 KBpdf08-20113-18
2018SunsetDCCEDBoard of Barbers and Hairdressers709.2 KBpdf08-20110-18
2018SunsetDCCEDBoard of Marine Pilots461.8 KBpdf08-20112-18
2018SunsetDCCEDBoard of Pharmacy589.4 KBpdf08-20104-17
2018SunsetDCCEDAlcoholic Beverage Control Board1.0 MBpdf08-20099-17
2018SunsetDCCEDBoard of Social Work Examiners626.5 KBpdf08-20108-17
2018SunsetDCCEDAlaska Tourism Marketing Board343.3 KBpdf08-20101-17
2017SunsetDCCEDBoard of Massage Therapists515.0 KBpdf08-20109-17
2017SunsetDCCEDMarijuana Control Board1.0 MBpdf08-20100-17
2017SunsetDCCEDBoard of Psychologist and Psychological Associate Examiners558.0 KBpdf08-20107-17
2017SunsetDCCEDBoard of Certified Real Estate Appraisers1.1 MBpdf08-20106-17
2017SunsetDCCEDReal Estate Commission564.7 KBpdf08-20105-17
2017SunsetDCCEDBoard of Marital and Family Therapy457.6 KBpdf08-20103-17
2017SunsetDCCEDBoard of Professional Counselors415.9 KBpdf08-20102-17
2017SunsetDHSSDHSS Alaska Health Care Commission1.1 MBpdf06-20098-17
2016SunsetDCCEDDCCED State Board of Registration for Architects, Engineers, and Land Surveyors482.5 KBpdf08-20096-16
2016SunsetDCCEDDCCED, State Board of Certified Direct-Entry Midwives814.5 KBpdf08-20095-16
2016SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Veterinary Examiners285.3 KBpdf08-20094-16
2015SunsetDCCEDDCCED Big Game Commercial Services Board443.6 KBpdf08-20093-15
2015SunsetDCCEDDCCED Real Estate Commission734.7 KBpdf08-20091-15
2015SunsetDOCDOC Board of Parole703.6 KBpdf20-20092-15
2015SunsetDHSSDHSS Alaska Commission on Aging2.6 MBpdf06-20090-15
2014SunsetDCCEDDCCED Alcoholic Beverage Control Board3.7 MBpdf08-20088-14
2014SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Certified Direct-Entry Midwives680.8 KBpdf08-20089-14
2013SunsetDNRDNR Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission1.6 MBpdf10-20087-13
2013SunsetDHSSDHSS Alaska Health Care Commission2.0 MBpdf06-20086-13
2013SunsetDCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska1.2 MBpdf08-20079-13
2013SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Chiropractic Examiners843.9 KBpdf08-20080-13
2013SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Examiners in Optometry648.7 KBpdf08-20081-13
2013SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Marital and Family Therapy851.8 KBpdf08-20082-13
2013SunsetDCCEDDCCED State Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Board458.0 KBpdf08-20083-13
2013SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers976.0 KBpdf08-20084-13
2013SunsetDPSDPS Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault792.7 KBpdf12-20085-13
2013SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Marine Pilots 644.4 KBpdf08-20076-13
2012SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Public Accountancy595.1 KBpdf08-20077-12
2012SunsetDCCEDDCCED State Medical Board864.9 KBpdf08-20078-12
2012SunsetCombinedDEED and DHSS Special Education Service Agency1.4 MBpdf05-20073-12
2012SunsetACSACS Board Governors of the Alaska Bar Association 807.8 KBpdf41-20075-12
2012SunsetDHSSDHSS Statewide Suicide Prevention Council 1.5 MBpdf06-20074-12
2011SunsetDCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska Sunset Review668.8 KBpdf08-20067-11
2011SunsetDCCEDDCCED Big Game Commercial Services Board1.2 MBpdf08-20071-11
2011SunsetDNRDNR Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission562.1 KBpdf10-20072-11
2010SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers607.4 KBpdf08-20064-10
2010SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Physchologist and Psychological Associate Examiners519.1 KBpdf08-20066-10
2010SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Pharmacy638.1 KBpdf08-20065-10
2010SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Nursing776.4 KBpdf08-20070-10
2010SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Barbers and Hairdressers741.6 KBpdf08-20068-10
2010SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Dental Examiners479.0 KBpdf08-20069-10
2009SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Public Accountancy900.1 KBpdf08-20056-09
2009SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Social Work Examiners386.2 KBpdf08-20062-09
2009SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Professional Counselors553.8 KBpdf08-20061-09
2009SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Marital and Family Therapy700.3 KBpdf08-20060-09
2009SunsetDPSDPS Alcoholic Beverage Control Board1.1 MBpdf12-20063-09
2008SunsetDHSSDHSS Statewide Suicide Prevention Council 1.3 MBpdf06-20055-08
2008SunsetACSACS Board of Governors of the Alaska Bar Association2.0 MBpdf41-20057-08
2008SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Veterinary Examiners859.0 KBpdf08-20059-08
2008SunsetDCCEDDCCED State Board of Registration for Architects, Engineers and Land Surveyors1.2 MBpdf08-20058-08
2007SunsetDCCEDDCCED Big Game Commercial Services Board435.8 KBpdf08-20052-07
2007SunsetDOCDOC Board of Parole710.6 KBpdf20-20053-07
2007SunsetDCCEDDCCED Real Estate Commission623.3 KBpdf08-20051-07
2007SunsetDHSSDHSS Alaska Commission on Aging499.8 KBpdf08-20054-07
2006SunsetACSACS Board of Governors of the Alaska Bar Association356.1 KBpdf41-20040-06
2006SunsetDPSDPS Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault223.4 KBpdf12-20039-06
2006SunsetDCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska403.7 KBpdf08-20048-06
2006SunsetDCCEDDCCED State Medical Board389.5 KBpdf08-20046-06
2006SunsetDCCEDDCCED DCBPL Board of Marine Pilots 456.5 KBpdf08-20045-06
2006SunsetDPSDPS Alcoholic Beverage Control Board1.3 MBpdf12-20047-06
2006SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Certified Direct-Entry Midwives401.6 KBpdf08-20044-06
2006SunsetACSACS Board of Governors of the Alaska Bar Association1.1 MBpdf41-20050-06
2005SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Professional Counselors305.6 KBpdf08-20034-05
2005SunsetDHSSDHSS Statewide Suicide Prevention Council 248.2 KBpdf06-20037-05
2005SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Marital and Family Therapy479.1 KBpdf08-20032-05
2005SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Psychologist and Psychologist Associate Examiners295.3 KBpdf08-20035-05
2005SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Social Work Examiners180.0 KBpdf08-20030-05
2005SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Public Accountancy293.3 KBpdf08-20027-05
2005SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Veterinary Examiners261.2 KBpdf08-20036-05
2005SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Barbers and Hairdressers336.0 KBpdf08-20029-05
2005SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Registration for Architects, Engineers, and Land Surveyors454.8 KBpdf08-20028-05
2005SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Examiners in Optometry367.9 KBpdf08-20042-05
2005SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Chiropractic Examiners1.0 MBpdf08-20041-05
2005SunsetDCCEDDCCED State Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Board329.8 KBpdf08-20043-05
2005SunsetDNRDNR Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission424.3 KBpdf10-20038-05
2004SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Pharmacy294.8 KBpdf08-20033-04
2004SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Dental Examiners307.5 KBpdf08-20031-04
2004SunsetDEEDDEED Special Education Service Agency 244.9 KBpdf05-20026-04
2003SunsetDORDOR Alcoholic Beverage Control Board 511.7 KBpdf04-20019-03
2003SunsetDCCEDDCCED Regulatory Commission of Alaska361.1 KBpdf08-20021-03
2003SunsetDCCEDDCCED DOL Real Estate Commission 206.0 KBpdf08-20023-03
2003SunsetDHSSDHSS Alaska Commission on Aging196.3 KBpdf06-20025-03
2003SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Dispensing Opticians971.1 KBpdf08-20022-03
2003SunsetDCCEDDCCED Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers477.5 KBpdf08-20024-03