Organizational and Administrative Structure Review Potential Statutory and Regulatory Changes

Recommendation NumberRecommendation
3.2.I.2Separate foster care licensing statutes and regulations from other residential care facilities. This will make it easier for foster care homes to become fully licensed and easier for relatives, in particular, to become licensed. Streamline and clarify what constitutes a fully licensed foster care home for the purpose of Title IV-E eligibility.
4.4.To maintain and augment the effectiveness and efficiency of all DHSS advisory bodies, policymakers should:
1. Review periodically, beyond traditional sunset audits, whether each membership body is better equipped to determine policies/oversee programs than other available alternatives such as internal agency workgroups or subject matter experts from academia or the public/private sectors.
2. Establish and enforce expectations regarding the use of performance management tools by agency councils, boards and commissions.
3. Use the criteria developed in this analysis when considering the creation of any new advisory bodies.
6.2.1.The State of Alaska should consider managed competition or privatization for the Alaska Pioneer Homes.
8.1.G.1Increase revenue and reduce general fund expenditures by developing a fee schedule for the Alaska Pioneer Homes.