Following a competitive procurement, Public Works, LLC was engaged to review DHSS’ organizational and administrative structure. This included evaluation of the organizational and administrative functions of all nine divisions of DHSS:

  • Alaska Pioneer Homes
  • Division of Behavioral Health
  • Division of Juvenile Justice
  • Division of Public Assistance
  • Division of Public Health
  • Division of Senior and Disabilities Services
  • Finance and Management Services
  • Health Care Services
  • Office of Children’s Services

Public Works was tasked with eight distinct review objectives spanning all facets of the Department’s organization and administration. Public Works conducted site visits, interviewed stakeholders and DHSS staff, and attended public hearings. Their report incorporates findings identified from the research, interviews, and observations of department operations and includes recommendations for addressing those findings.

Key findings and recommendations are summarized into the following categories:

Maximizing Revenue
Lowering Costs
Improving Service
Improving Administrative Functions
Improving Employee Performance

The review highlights several areas where statutory or regulatory changes should be considered. For a table of recommendations, please click on the following link:

Table of Potential Statutory and Regulatory Changes