Organizational and Administrative Structure Maximizing Revenue Recommendations Table

Recommendation NumberRecommendation
3.2.G.3Review opportunities to increase DJJ Workforce Investment Act funding as vocational training opportunities – including a culinary arts certificate program – are expanded.
8.1.A.1Conduct a comprehensive review of the fee structure for all licensing and certification functions, with the goal of establishing fees equal to costs, accompanied by indexing to provide automatic adjustments of fees as costs change.
8.1.A.2Implement nominal annual child care facilities licensing fees, as shown in Table 8 3, resulting in total biennial revenue of $14,975.
8.1.A.3Establish a minimum license fee for smaller residential care facilities.
8.1.A.4Establish an application fee for all licensing services provided by DHSS.
8.1.B.1Reestablish a fee system to help cover the state’s cost for laboratory testing.
8.1.B.3Consider an external billing vendor (whose contract costs should be borne by the new fee revenue) if ASPHL does not have internal capacity to support the personnel and technology needs of a billing program.
8.1.C.1Increase the billing capacity at DHSS.
8.1.C.2Explore whether the contract for third party billing in the Division of Health Care Services (HCS) could be expanded to include billing for API, DPH, and Pioneer Homes.
8.1.F.1Ensure that DJJ draws down all eligible federal funding from the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), School Breakfast Program (SBP), Special Milk Program, and After School Snack Program by supplementing meals provided by the Department of Corrections with other foods that will meet minimum USDA nutritional standards.
8.1.G.1Increase revenue and reduce general fund expenditures by developing a fee schedule for Pioneer Homes.
8.1.G.2Require a denial letter from Medicaid before a resident may move into a Pioneer Home.
8.1.G.3Centralize billing functions within DHSS to consistently and aggressively pursue payment from private sources.
8.1.G.4Increase rates for Pioneer Homes to private market rates.