Organizational and Administrative Structure Lowering Costs Recommendations Table

Recommendation NumberRecommendation
3.2.C.1Combine the DPA, HCS, and SDS facility licensing and certification functions into a single office or new division.
3.2.G.2Pursue federal and private grant funding to help offset the cost of needed kitchen remodeling and equipment purchases.
3.2.H.1Implement juvenile prosecution and sentencing strategies that will reduce recidivism, lower costs, and improve outcomes for youth, including the following advocated by the Alaska Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee.
3.2.K.1Designate an existing Deputy Commissioner to oversee the programs within DHSS that operate institutions to create standardized administrative functions and realize efficiencies that can be achieved by consolidating many of the support functions.
3.2.K.2Remove API from DBH and organize the oversight and management of API under the designated Deputy Commissioner.
3.2.K.3Move all of the institutional administrative functions currently managed by DJJ and Pioneer Homes under the designated Deputy Commissioner.
3.2.K.4Establish an administrative office under the Deputy Commissioner that would provide all administrative support functions such as purchasing, human resources, billing, and other services to operate facilities for all 13 institutions.
3.3.B.1Combine all program integrity and compliance units across the department, including provider enrollment and the surveillance and utilization review subsystem (SURS).
4.2The travel budget for the Alaska Pioneer Homes Advisory Board should be eliminated.
4.3Evaluate opportunities for savings in advisory body travel by:
Scheduling concurrent meetings of groups with considerable membership overlap (such as the Drug Utilization Review Committee and the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee).
1. Using videoconference or teleconference meetings when these can achieve the same outcomes as in-person meetings.
6.2.1The State of Alaska should consider managed competition or privatization for the Alaska Pioneer Homes, the costs of which are discussed more fully in Sections 8.1.G and 8.1.I of this report.
7.2.1Elevate the priority of current and future VC projects to expand VC capabilities of the department, increase efficiency, and reduce travel-related expenses across all divisions.
7.2.2As new video conferencing capabilities come on-line, the Commissioner should establish a target reduction in travel of 10 percent for the first year and 20 percent in the second year.
7.4.1Combine the Office of Security and Office of Technology and appoint one manager to oversee all IT operations.
8.1.D.1Expedite the implementation of electronic document imaging throughout DPA and eliminate the courier budget.
8.1.E.1To the extent allowed by statute and feasible in the remote areas of the state, require direct deposit or the issuance of EBT cards for benefit checks from DHSS.
8.1.G.5Eliminate the travel budget for the Pioneer Homes Board and remove the facility inspection requirement from statute.
8.1.G.6Reduce the amount of information materials produced and distributed, and limit printing to black and white forms.
8.1.H.1Negotiate rates for the lease of space at the Pioneer Homes and any other state-owned facility.
8.1.I.1Review staffing levels and identify ways to reduce staffing ratios to be more in line with other state-operated assisted living facilities, with due consideration given to variations in care models.
8.1.I.2Evaluate the reasons for higher monthly costs per resident, including administrative overhead, maintenance staffing, travel, and other expenses.