Organizational and Administrative Structure Improving Employee Performance Recommendations Table

Recommendation NumberRecommendation
3.1.A.1Form a multi-disciplinary work team to develop a long-range plan for recruitment and retention of field workers in the department.
3.1.A.2Implement the targeted strategies identified in the newly developed DHSS plan to recruit and retain field staff.
3.1.B.3Develop a formal succession plan to internally cultivate future leaders and certain skilled non-management positions.
3.1.B.4Implement all recommendations resulting from the DHSS training needs assessment.
3.1.C.1Prioritize training needs based on risk to the department budget (including the direct and indirect costs of staff turnover) and to vulnerable populations.
3.1.D.1Create a master trainer program in DPA modeled after the DJJ program and allow eligibility workers who have low error rates (comparable to experienced employees) to take on greater caseloads as early as possible.
3.1.D.2Eliminate the additional four months of continued distance learning and reduced caseloads for DPA eligibility workers.
3.1.E.1Reduce the caseloads for new child welfare workers to meet the enhanced federal Title IV-E reimbursement rate requirements for workers in training, as well as during the first six months of employment.
3.1.E.2Use the estimated additional revenue of $768,000 to hire additional caseworkers and supervisors in the appropriate ratio.
3.2.A.1Implement a system that requires the timely completion of employee performance evaluations and holds supervisors and managers accountable for meeting this requirement.
3.2.I.1Maintain sufficient staffing by hiring caseworkers and providing all workers with manageable caseloads.