Long Term Care Performance Review Improving Administrative Functions

Summary: The report notes areas in which the department satisfactorily administers programs as well as reveals a number of administrative processes and functions which need improvement to better meet the needs of Alaskans.

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Key Finding for Improving Administrative Functions

  1. DHSS did not provide the list of proposed 10 percent budget reductions in unrestricted general funds as required by AS 44.66.020(c)(2). The department provided smaller reductions totaling eight percent, half of which from two large unspecified areas. (pg. 110)

Key Recommendation for Improving Administrative Functions

  1. The department should modernize its assessment instruments to incorporate person-centered assessment data.
    (Recommendation 2.11)

Alaska currently uses three assessment tools:

  • The Consumer Assessment Tool which is used with the Alaskans Living Independently Waiver;
  • The Inventory for Client and Agency Planning, which is used with persons that have intellectual or developmental disabilities, and
  • The Child with Complex Medical Conditions waiver, which is a third tool specialized for children.

The continued use of multiple instruments is administratively inefficient. Adopting a single assessment process to determine eligibility will allow efficient collection of information that will flow into care plan development.