Long Term Care Improving Service Recommendations Table

Recommendation NumberRecommendation
2.8The Department should expand the use of small privately owned residential programs to gradually add residential capacity for individuals who would meet the AKPH level of care.
2.10An Alaska Pioneer Home should be devoted to become a center of excellence for Alzheimer’s disease related dementia (ADRD) services in the state. Since there is a need for AKPH higher level services (Level III) and ADRD services, Alaska would be able to provide better care to individuals with high acuity and issues with ADRDs.
6.7The Department should implement a comprehensive approach for Medicaid enrollment tailored to each specific tribe.
6.8The State of Alaska should continue its work to consider the best approach to optional Medicaid expansion.
10.4The state should routinely review services provided in assisted living programs to ensure that they are provided to recipients consistent with their plan of care.