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Statewide Audits

A Statewide Single Audit is required by the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-133. The Division of Legislative Audit conducts the audit at the request of the Department of Administration as part of a Reimbursable Services Agreement. The audit is conducted in accordance with government audit standards issued by the US Government Accountability Office and OMB Circular A-133. The audit includes an opinion on the financial statements of the State of Alaska, recommendations on financial and compliance matters, required auditor’s reports on internal controls and compliance, and the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards.

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2019SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 1813.1 MBpdf02-40019-19
2018SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 15 (Reissue)13.1 MBpdf02-40016-16
2018SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 1710.6 MBpdf02-40018-18
2017SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 1610.4 MBpdf02-40017-17
2015SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY 14 8.2 MBpdf02-40015-15
2014SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY138.2 MBpdf02-40014-14
2013SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY124.7 MBpdf02-40013-13
2012SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY114.1 MBpdf02-40012-12
2011StatewideSingle Audit Internal Control Project for ARRA of 2009209.6 KBpdf02-40011-11
2011SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY105.2 MBpdf02-40011-11
2010StatewideSingle Audit US Office of Management and Budget Pilot Project 2009 62.5 KBpdf02-40010-10
2010SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY095.0 MBpdf02-40010-10
2009SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY083.2 MBpdf02-40009-09
2008SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY074.4 MBpdf02-40008-08
2007SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY0614.3 MBpdf02-40007-07
2006SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY052.0 MBpdf02-40006-06
2005SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY041.1 MBpdf02-40005-05
2004SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY031.4 MBpdf04-40004-04
2003SingleStatewideSingle Audit State of Alaska FY022.1 MBpdf02-40003-03
Single Audit State of Alaska FY 14
8.2 MB